DTPocketFM – Explore Podcasts, Novels, Threads, and Music Flutter App (Android – iOS) with Laravel Admin Panel

Embark on an immersive audio journey with DTPocketFM, the ultimate companion for podcast enthusiasts, novel readers, thread explorers, and music lovers. This feature-packed Flutter app, supported by a robust Laravel Admin Panel, offers a seamless and engaging experience across Android and iOS platforms.

DTPocketFM – Music Streaming – Podcast – Audio books – Novel – Thread – Music – Courses is a versatile and feature-rich Flutter application that offers a comprehensive solution for creating a music streaming and podcast platform. With its impressive set of features and sleek design, this full app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, providing a seamless experience for users across devices.

Key Features:

Podcasts & Music: Dive into a vast library of podcasts and music, curated for every taste. From informative discussions to captivating melodies, DTPocketFM has it all.

Novels & Threads: Immerse yourself in a world of literature with novels and threaded discussions. Engage in lively debates and explore diverse storytelling formats.

Thread Feature: Engage with fellow readers and listeners through the thread feature. Discuss your favorite novels, audiobooks, and podcasts with a community of like-minded individuals.

Wallet Feature: Manage your virtual wallet within the app. Earn coins through daily rewards, subscriptions, or watching videos, and use them to unlock premium content or access paid features.

Voice Search: Seamlessly find your favorite podcasts, novels, or music with the voice search feature. Enhance user convenience with hands-free browsing.

Great UI Design:Enjoy a visually appealing and intuitive user interface. DTPocketFM offers a sleek design that enhances the overall user experience.

Free & Paid Content: Access a range of free and paid novels, audiobooks, and podcasts. Choose from a variety of genres and categories to suit your preferences.

Push Notifications: Stay updated with the latest releases and updates through push notifications. Never miss an episode or chapter again.

Multiple Language Support: Explore content in your preferred language with multiple language support. DTPocketFM caters to a global audience with diverse language options.

Artist Admin Panel: Empower content creators with the Artist Admin Panel. Artists can manage their works, upload new content, and engage with their audience directly.

Read Novel – Ebook: Enjoy the convenience of reading novels and ebooks within the app. Immerse yourself in captivating stories wherever you go.

Video Option for Podcasts: Enhance your podcast experience with video options. Some podcasts come to life with visual elements for a more engaging experience.

Daily Reward Coins: Earn daily rewards by interacting with the app. Use these coins to unlock premium content or access exclusive features.

Subscription Packages: Recharge your coins with subscription packages. Enjoy premium benefits and support your favorite creators with subscription options.

Feedback: Share your thoughts and suggestions through the feedback feature. Your feedback helps us improve and tailor the app to your needs.

Google AdMob: Seamlessly integrated Google AdMob for monetization. Monetize your app while providing a seamless user experience.

What You Get:-

  • Full Flutter Source Code
  • Full Admin panel code
  • Well Documentation

Special Note:-

We Recommanded VPS Server for Laravel admin panel setup

Before purchasing App,Kindly first check out the each & every thing about app how it works along with its flow of working & app features clearly in demo app available.

Ask Question regarding Application on Comment Section OR add on SKYPE.

Change Log

21 Feb 2024

		- Full App UI Change

		- AudioBooks Added

		- Novels Added

		- Threads (Similar Thread App)

		- Listen your favourite Music Added

		- Video in Audiobooks - Novel both Added

		- Artist Panel separate Added

		- Continue Playing ( Novel - AudioBooks) Added

		- Wallet Feature Added

		- Daily Reward Video Earn Coins ( Google Ads)

		- Coins Purchase History / Usage History

		- Subscription Package for Add coins to Wallet

		- Voice Search

		- Free - Premium Audiobook - Novel Added

15 Jun 2023

		- Initial Release

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DTPocketFM – Explore Podcasts, Novels, Threads, and Music Flutter App (Android – iOS) with Laravel Admin Panel - Flutter
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