DTLearning: The Ultimate E-Learning Flutter App (Android – iOS – Website ) – Admin Panel

DTLearning is the pinnacle of e-learning platforms, offering a comprehensive solution for education and skill development across Android, iOS, and web interfaces. Whether you’re an educational institution, an individual tutor, or an organization aiming to deliver quality online courses, DTLearning stands as the epitome of versatility and functionality. With a suite of robust features including an admin panel, a dedicated tutor panel, subscription plans, seamless payment gateways, and a wide array of free and paid book offerings, DTLearning revolutionizes the online education landscape.

Key Features:

Extensive Library of Books:

Access a rich repository of free and paid books catering to various subjects and interests. Empower learners with a vast resource of knowledge and reference materials.

Multi-Platform Accessibility:

Seamlessly accessible on Android, iOS, and web platforms, ensuring an optimized learning experience across different devices.

Secure and Efficient Admin Panel:

A powerful admin panel for effortless management of courses, students, tutors, and overall platform administration. Experience enhanced control and supervision of the entire e-learning ecosystem.

Dedicated Tutor Panel:

Empower tutors with a dedicated platform to create, manage, and disseminate their courses, fostering an enriched learning environment.

Subscription Plans and Payment Gateway Integration:

Monetize your courses with flexible subscription plans, seamlessly integrated payment gateways, and course enrollment options, facilitating a hassle-free revenue generation model.

Free and Paid Books Selection:

Offer an assortment of free and paid books, catering to diverse learning needs and preferences. Enable users to access high-quality educational content at their convenience.

Website Interface:

Expand your reach and accessibility through a responsive web interface, catering to a broader audience and facilitating easy access to courses and resources.

DTLearning is designed to offer a holistic and user-centric e-learning experience, fostering knowledge dissemination, skill enhancement, and academic enrichment. Whether you’re an educational institution seeking an all-in-one solution or an individual tutor wanting to expand your reach, DTLearning provides the tools and resources for a successful online education venture.

What You Get:-

  • Full Flutter Source Code
  • Admin panel code
  • Well Documentation

Special Note:-

Before purchasing App,Kindly first check out the each & every thing about app how it works along with its flow of working & app features clearly in demo app available.

Ask Question regarding Application on Comment Section OR add on SKYPE.

Change Log

2 Nov 2023

			- [Add] Flutter Web version added
			- [Add] Free - Paid Books added
			- [Add] Tutor Panel available
			- [Add] Blog Available
			- [Add] Login with Apple
			- [Add] Multiple course buy - Cart Feature
			- [Add] Coupon Added
			- [Fix] Perfomance issue Fixed

1 March 2023

			-init Release

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DTLearning: The Ultimate E-Learning Flutter App (Android – iOS – Website ) – Admin Panel - Flutter
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