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Android Wallpapers App (HD, Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD Wallpapers) & Photo Editor tool – Reward Points are stimulate new app. Wallpapers have high quality resolutions including devices with huge screen for instance Full HD, Ultra HD wallpapers, 4K. Wallpapers with GIFs, checkout the latest and popular. free / paid wallpaper also available which will buy using points. use can buy point to watching admob ads & admob reward video. Best app for earning from admob.Each high resolution image has been perfectly formatted fit to the phone display and comes with a host of user friendly features.The stunning UI allows you easily tap and swipe your way through the multiple image galleries..

  • Design must be functional
  • Futionality must translated into
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  • Client Your client name
  • Created by ThemeHt
  • Project Completed November 23, 2018
  • Location 423B, Road Wordwide Country, USA

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